This was a great project leaded by IDV. I took part developing the story boarding, design and animation for the Faraday installation and produced
the mapping projection for a section of the main room display. Conectados
is a stable exhibition at the Telefonica Foundation in Buenos Aires, focused
on the history and present of tele-communications.

Little video reel showcasing some of the exciting projects I had the chance to work on during the last years.
Hope you enjoy it!
Music and content created by me :)

Compilation of motion graphic projects developed for Isobar Australia Digital Agency.

Demo animation for an Ipad Videogame called Piku. In this project I made all the animation and audio visual edition.

An Anti-Capitalism Surveillance manifesto produced independently in Barcelona 2020, months before the start of the Pandemic. I developed the script, filming, editing and motion graphics.
Thanks to friends and colleagues who participated in this project.

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